PSIM 11.1

Design and simulate electronic circuits
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Simulates renewable energy conversion projects, motor drives with digital controls and more. Supports ABC to DQ0 transformation, Low Pass Filter, PID Controllers, etc.

PSIM has gone deep into power electronics and created modules to help you with any design you can dream up. PSIM’s SPICE Module, powered by CoolCAD Electronics’ CoolSPICE engine, provides the capability to run SPICE simulation in the PSIM environment. Added in PSIM version 11.1 is the ability to make use of the LTspice* engine to run models that are not compatible with PSIM’s native SPICE engine. The subtle differences of syntax in mainstream SPICE variants are mostly covered by running PSIM-SPICE and running LTspice from PSIM. No matter what you’re crafting –from complex motor drives to fully realized HEV systems – PSIM’s vast choice of add-on modules makes it easy to create a nimble solution that is neither cumbersome nor unnecessarily complicated.

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